Chevron Texaco is guilty


Must pay for violations of human rights and life in the Amazon.

First Part

Fucking bastards

Second Part

Today the people of this area is dying of cancer

And they have other problems, is the unproductive land

Water are oil

This is a serious attack on the lungs of the world

Serious damage to poverty ecosystems that we have little

That even with all the money they earn in this lawsuit
will be unable to repair all the impact that caused this Irresponsibility.

... But not are alone

Daryl Hanna, international celebrity, Pablo Fajardo, lead lawyer on the Chevron oil disaster lawsuit, and Emergildo Criollo, plaintiff in the lawsuit, stand together in solidarity at a Chevron-Texaco oil production site in the Ecuadorian Amazon.© Amazon Watch
nor were the only

Representatives from 4 nations affected by Chevron’s human and environmental right abuses protests outside of Chevron’s corporate headquarters in California.©David Gilbert/Amazon Watch

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